Many people,
but not everyone,
encounter the Truth
in some form or other
during the course of Life’s journey.

This leads to a fork in the road.

Either they adjust themselves to the Truth,
in which case
they are led along by Truth
on their Journey,
and the Ego melts away.

Or they adjust the Truth to themselves
in which case
they are led along by Ego
which strengthens itself
on its journey
and the perception of Truth
melts away.

Either you hold on to Ariadne’s thread of Truth
and end up in the open air of Freedom (and Ariadne).
Or you cling to Ego’s coattails
and end up on the floor clutching his caste-off garment,
when he slips it off and disappears.

(And what are those things sticking out either side of your head?)


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