Enter the Heart Chakra.
What can be seen?
A meadow.
An enormous meadow,
stretching as far as can be seen in all directions.
In the centre of it is a great tree.

“What is this great meadow?”

“It is Flanders Field.”

“Let the astrals appear!”

After a long time,
a trench appears stretching as far as the eye can see.
It is full of soldiers with rifles and behind them great guns.

Opposite them,
in the far distance and facing them
is another similar trench,
also full of soldiers holding rifles, with guns behind them.

This must be the enemy.
All the time, the soldiers and the guns behind them are firing.

But nothing can be heard.
It is all completely silent.

All the soldiers have Centres of varying colours,
mostly gold but also dark blue and some green.

Make yourself visible to them.
All of them.

They stop and are surprised.

Make their Centres brighter.

“It is all over! You can go home now!”

They stare, uncomprehending, in the silence.

“It is all over! You can go home now!”
“It is all over! You can go home now!”

After the third time,
realisation and understanding
gradually appear in their faces.

“It is all over! You can go home now!”

Slowly they subside into their Centres.
Their bodies shrivel and sink into the earth.

The great tree stands with the bare branches of winter.

The trenches disappear into grass.

“Let this place have fertile soil for five hundred years!”

The silence and peace are palpable.
There is no sign that there were ever soldiers here.

There are small buds forming on the tree.


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