G 20

Go for growth say our Masters.
And Growbally!
And not too Slowbally!

And the Rich grow richer
(and the Poor grow poorer
and not too slowbally, says Gnome).

And the bombs fall thicker
(on legitimate targets).

Go for Stability and Peace, say we!
As we are herded into the pens
with the poorer.

And let not the bombs fall
out of the sky on us!

And as our pens get more crowded,
may we not become
someone else’s
legitimate targets.

Abolish Poverty say our Reformers!

(If you abolish Greed, says Gnome,
Poverty will disappear by itself.)

Abolish Greed, scream the Reformers!

(Alas, says Gnome,
Only the Greedy can abolish Greed.)


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