Via Viatores Quaerit. St Augustine
(The Way seeks Travellers).

On Tuesday,
Sanctus Dominique,
May his Name be Blessed,
despairing of that peace of mind men seek,
awakened from the dream of his unrest,
to find within the Vision of his Mental Disarray
His Conscience clearing all the clouds away!

A suicide bomber dies
to leave more innocents for dead.

Dominique saw that he must martyrise
himself instead,
and cause no harm
to fifteen hundred of the Faithful
gathered in Notre Dame.

He held a mirror to awaken sleeping minds 
to what they do not understand;
the creeping poisons that blind and bind
the soul and individual,
destroy the anchors of family and fatherland.

“I have a strong belief
my friends
will transcend
their grief
with pride
once they comprehend
the reason why I died.”

On Wednesday,
Satan sent his youngest daughter
to prostitute a human’s body
before Jehovah’s altar.

Je suis la voie qui cherche les voyageurs.

On 21 May 2013, about 4 p.m., Venner committed suicide by firearm in the cathedral of  Notre Dame de Paris which led to the evacuation of approximately 1,500 people from the cathedral. He had been an opponent of Muslim immigration to France and Europe, as well as what he believed to be the Americanization of European values and — most recently — the legalization of  same-sex marriage in France.


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