Walking On
is not just a matter
of feet
measuring out
the streets
of this world;
or the clatter
of railway tracks
dwindling to a point
in the far-off, backward-looking,
which has now become the past.

Nor is it the Ocean Liner
slipping out of port,
pushing through waves
which break
and form again
in its wake
and become the past.

Nor is it Heathrow
with little pockets of human misery;
its loudspeakers
calling this one,
telling that one where to go
whom to contact;
sending its iron birds buzzing through the Void.

Nor moving sand
filling the footprints
of the beachcomber.

It is not the Divorce Court
apportioning the family property,
its houses and wardrobes,
bank accounts and children;
everything divided, neatly, into two.

It is not the New Year’s Resolution
the half-effort, half-prayer
of one who finds himself
at rock-bottom, needing a new solution,
(sensing the rocks giving way beneath him).

It is the cleansing of the Heart
with the tears of letting go
what is now too heavy
to possess.

It is the cleansing of the Mind
with the light of understanding,
chasing out shadows
it is no longer necessary
to repress.

It is the cleansing of Conscience
seeing what is obvious,
giving it the courage
to confess.

It is the cleansing of the Spirit
which identifies itself
with absolutely nothing
(and nothing less!).


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