Because I cared,
I kept my friends alive
bathed in the light
of the good times we had shared.

But when I go back to compare
the in-between times too, I see
they have given up the fight
(together with the good times that we shared).
Even the ones who still breathe!
(Especially the ones who still breathe).

It wasn’t old Mortality
that carried them away.
They just seemed to slip into senility
and watch their hearts decay.

They stayed inside walls
constructed for old age
with its semi-serious intention
for a senior citizen’s pension
(that rapidly disintegrating cage).

At the Judgement Hour
when at last they have the power
and the necessity to choose,
each finds
what it means to die.

Supine among the debris of their minds,
they give a semi-intentional,
highly conventional
and press “Snooze”.


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